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قديم 27-08-2010, 05:41PM
Omm AL-Homayra'a Omm AL-Homayra'a غير متواجد حالياً
مشرفة - وفقها الله -
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افتراضي A BIG collection of Fatawa on Salah- Prayer

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem
Assalamu aleykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu,

Here's a collection of fatawa from the Standard Committee concerning one of the most important pillars of Islam: As-Sala / The prayer
The fatawa are taken from site- Jazahum Allah Khayran

Click on the title to read the fatwa
================================================== =

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قديم 27-08-2010, 05:49PM
Omm AL-Homayra'a Omm AL-Homayra'a غير متواجد حالياً
مشرفة - وفقها الله -
Registration Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 627

Salah 01
Obligation to perform Salah on Mukallaf
Making up missed Salah due to unawareness of sleep, etc.
Making up missed Salah because of sleep or forgetfulness

Making Up Missed Salah because of being unconscious or sick

Making Up Missed Salah because of being unconscious or sick

Salah of mad people

Salah of people who drink Khamr

Making up unintentionally missed Salah

Whether a Person should Repeat Salah if they Forget a Salah and Offer the Ones after it

Exhorting children to pray

Deliberate abandoning or delaying of Salah after its prescribed time and what results from that behavior

Deliberate delaying of Salah after its prescribed time and what results from that behavior

Adhan and Iqamah
Ruling on Adhan and Iqamah


The Mu'adhin's turning right and left when saying "Hay `ala Al-Salah" and "Hay `ala al-Falah"

Adding the phrase "al-salatu khayrun min-al-nawm" to the Fajr Adhan

Elongating voice while making the Adhan

Making additions to the Adhan

Missing some Adhan phrases

Can a Mu'adhin be substituted when he cannot complete the Adhan?

Making Adhan through loudspeakers

Announcing Adhan through a cassette recorder

Making Adhan while being ritually pure

Making Adhan inside or outside the Masjid

Making Adhan without the Imam's permission

Making Adhan in the Masjids of the same neighborhood

Is someone who has missed the congregational Salah required to make Adhan for praying individually?

Making Iqamah without Adhan and missing some words of the Iqamah

The ruling on Iqamah

Making Adhan and Iqamah for the Tahajjud Prayer

Making Adhan when the time is due

Woman's Adhan

Repeating after the Mu'adhin and making Du`a' after Adhan and Iqamah

Repeating after the Mu'adhin and making Du`a' between Adhan and Iqamah

Bid`ahs related to Adhan

Preconditions of Salah
Becoming due
Times of the daily five prayers

Zhuhr and `Asr Prayers

The middle prayer

Astronomical Calculations

Performing prayer before or after its due time

Waking up as Junub and passing the time of prayer after taking Ghusl

Performing prayer before or after its due time

Prayer of a menstruating woman

Offering the missed Salahs in order

Covering the `Awrah
Ruling on covering the `Awrah

Man's `Awrah

Salah of a Woman

Wearing something bearing a cross while praying

Taharah from major and minor ritual impurity as a condition for the validity of Salah

Making up for the Salah offered without making Wudu'

Invalidating Wudu' during Salah

Bleeding during Salah

Doubts occurring in Salah and Hajj

Performing more than one Salah with the same Wudu'

More than one Salah with the same Wudu'

Offering obligatory Salah with Wudu' made for a supererogatory Salah

Removing Najasah from the body and clothes

Purity of the place of Salah

Offering Salah in prohibited places

Offering Salah while wearing shoes

Rulings related to Masjids
Definition of Masjid

Excellence of building Masjids

If there are many Masjids in a city, which will be the best?

Excellence of Salah offered in Makkah

Excellence of the Salah offered in the Prophet's Masjid

Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa

Demolishing a Masjid and rebuilding it

Buying entertainment places and turning them into Masjids

Building a Masjid where it will not be frequented by Muslims on a regular basis

Building two-stories Masjids

Maintaining Masjids using the money of Sadaqah Jariyah

Using the surplus of funds allocated to build a certain Masjid for the construction of another

Spending the money donated to a Masjid

Redirecting donations allocated to build a Masjid, which was not successfully built, in order to build another

Offering Salah in a Masjid whose construction was financed by ill-gotten funds

Asking for aids to build a Masjid

Building stores underneath Masjids

Constructing over Masjids

Including the bathroom area within the Masjid

Building domes over the Masjid

Fixing something broken in the Masjid

Building bathrooms around the Masjid

Hanging pictures in Masjids - offering Salah in a place where pictures are hung

Building Mihrabs in Masjids

Constructing minarets in Masjids and building graves over them

Offering Salah in the graveyards

The Masjids built by non-Muslim states to their Muslim communities

Hiring non-Muslims to build a Masjid

Buying a church to turn it into a Masjid

Offering Salah inside churches

Offering Salah at the places of the People of the Book

Getting out of the Masjid after the Adhan is made

A Junub entering a Masjid

The menstruating woman entering a Masjid

The ruling on admitting children to the Masjid

A non-Muslim entering a Masjid

Sleeping in the Masjid

Talking while in the Masjid

Discussing worldly matters in Masjids

Abandoning idle talk in Masjids

Announcing a Lost Item in the Masjid

Selling in the Masjid

Begging in Masjids

Begging in Masjid

Eating in Masjid

Greeting people in the Masjid

Sitting in Masjids with feet stretched towards Qiblah

Collecting donations in Masjids

Establishing a gym beneath a Masjid

Bringing magazines that have photographs to the Masjids

Announcing a title deed in the Masjid

Singing the national anthem in a Masjid

Playing in Masjids


Locking Masjids

The Qiblah
Building the Ka`bah

The Wisdom behind taking the Ka`bah as a Qiblah

Facing the Qiblah

Defining the Qiblah

Marking lines on a straw mat of a Masjid to define rows

The Niyyah
The ruling on making Niyyah before offering Salah

Saying the Niyyah in prayer out loud

Ruling on pronouncing the Niyyah

Pronouncing the Niyyah

Having two Niyyahs when offering a supererogatory prayer

The Imam's Niyyah suffices the men and women behind him

A person praying alone changing his Niyyah to be an Imam

The etiquette of Salah
Excellence of walking to do obligatory acts such as during Hajj

Coming late after hearing the Adhan

Ruling on someone riding to go pray

Ruling on saying "may Allah accept!" after the Salah

Choosing a place in the Masjid to sit where none else can sit

Ruling on reciting the Qur'an when hearing the Iqamah and using the Miswak before Salah

Ruling on saying "Truly! Allah is with the patient" to the Imam while bowing

Taking a Sutrah for Salah and dropping the excellence of the first row

Standing to pray at the beginning or during the Adhan

Description of Salah
Takbirat-ul-Ihram and raising hands during Takbir

Pronouncing Takbir loudly by the Ma'mum

Takbir on starting Salah and on Ruku`

Saying Takbir to start join the Imam while bowing

Raising Hands in Salah

Holding the two hands and releasing them in Salah

Isti`adhah, Basmalah and Du`a'-ul-Istiftah
When to say Du`a' Al-Istiftah

Saying Basmalah loudly or secretly

Du`a' Al-Istiftah as said between Takbir and recitation

Saying Basmalah secretly and the its evidence

Saying Basmalah secretly or loudly at the beginning of Salah

Saying Basmalah in Salah as a Prophetic practice

Whether saying Basmalah in Salah is in all Rak`ahs or only the first

Ruling on reciting Basmalah during Salah

Ruling on reciting Basmalah in Salah out loud

Ruling on saying Basmalah after reciting Al-Fatihah in Salah and whether it is said loudly or secretly

Saying Basmalah before each Surah or after Takbirat-ul-Ihram and whether it is a practice in the Qur'an or Sunnah

Ruling on Isti`adhah in Salah

Yawning during Salah

Reciting Qur'an during Salah
Ruling on a Mu'mum reciting Al-Fatihah after saying "Amin" behind the Imam

Ruling on a Mu'mum reciting Al-Fatihah

Ruling on forgetting to recite Al-Fatihah

Ruling on reciting only Al-Fatihah on all Salahs

The length of recitation after reciting Al-Fatihah in Salah

Ruling on reciting Qur'an according to its order in Salah and sufficiency of reciting Al-Fatihah during the last two Rak`ahs

Ruling on reciting Qur'an according to its order in Salah

The length of recitation when leading old men and the proper interval between Adhan and Iqamah

Ruling on reciting secretly while offering prayers whose recitation should be out loud

Ruling on a person praying alone raising the voice and ruling on praying Maghrib before its due time

Ruling and evidence on Tajwid of Qur'an recitation in Salah

Ruling on reciting the Qur'an with different modes in Salah

The wisdom behind reciting a Surah after Al-Fatihah only during the first two Rak`ahs

The Imam forgetting while reciting

Reciting from the Mus-haf

Ruling on someone unable to memorize Al-Fatihah and what to say instead

Reciting Qudsi Hadith instead of the Qur'an in Salah

Correcting the Imam during Salah

Salah of a mute person

Performing Salah in non-Arabic language

Reciting two Surahs in one Rak`ah

A Ma'mum's recitation of the Qur'an in Prayer

Salah of the latecomer

The Wisdom behind secret and loud Recitation

Recitation on the Friday Fajr Prayer

Optional Night Salah

Saying 'Amin' in Salah

Ruku` and Sujud
The Prophet's Ruku` and practices after Taslim

What is to be said after standing up from Ruku`


Being excused in prostrating

Supplication said in Sujud

Supplication said in Sujud-ul-Sahw and Sujud-ul-Tilawah

Sitting between the Two Prostrations


رد مع اقتباس
قديم 27-08-2010, 05:57PM
Omm AL-Homayra'a Omm AL-Homayra'a غير متواجد حالياً
مشرفة - وفقها الله -
Registration Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 627

Salah 02

The first Tashahhud

Tashahhud as confirmed from the Prophet

Dropping the first Tashahhud intentionally

Dropping the first Tashahhud forgetfully

Ma'mum following the Imam in Tashahhud

Formula of Tashahhud

The way of pronouncing Tashahhud

Joining the Imam during the first Tashahhud of Maghrib Prayer

The way of saying the first Tashahhud

Supplication said after Tshahhud

Invoking blessings on the Prophet during the Tashahhud

The form of sending blessings on the Prophet in the Tashahhud

Takbir in Salah

Makruh acts that distract a person during Salah

Looking upward and closing the eyes

Suppressing the urge to urinate or defecate

Looking around during Salah

Killing a serpent

Answering the phone during Salah

Saying "Al-hamdu lillah" upon sneezing in Salah

Greeting the person offering Salah

Tucking clothes

Abscence of mind during Salah

Placing one's hand on the mouth to block yawning


The final Tashahhud

Ma'mum abandoning saying Tashahhud while praying with the Imam

Description of sitting between the two prostrations

Whether Tawarruk sitting is obligatory or Sunnah

Pointing with the index finger during Tashahud

Reciting the last Tashahud after the Imam says Taslim

Supplication said after the final Tashahhud

Invoking blessings on the Prophet

Supplications of invoking blessings on the Prophet

Obligation of invoking blessings on the Prophet in the final Tashahhud

Al-Salah Al-Ibrahimiyyah or Salat-ul-Fatih

Definition of Al-Salah Al-Ibrahimiyyah and Salat-ul-Fatih

Adding the word "Sayyiduna" while sending blessings on the Prophet

Validity of Salat-ul-Fatih

Reciting Taslim in Salah

Reciting Taslim is obligatory

The Mu'mum looking at the Imam when saying Taslim

The Ma'mum leaving before the Imam

Legislating Taslim to end the Salah

The Imam departing from the right or left sides

Wiping the face with hands after Salah

Taking Sutrah in Salah

Tranquil Submission

Salah behind an Imam who is not in a state of tranquil submission

Being hasty during the Subh Prayer

Nullifiers of Salah

Laughing as a nullifier of Salah

Ruling on laughing during Salah

The claim of the excellence of a married man's Salah over that of a single man

Tasbih and Dhikr after Salah

Saying supplications after the prescribed Salah

Reciting Ayat-ul-Kursy and the Mu`awwidhatayn

Remembering Allah using Misbahah

Meaning of Tasbih

Du`a' in a language other than Arabic

Du`a' after offering Salah

Greeting each other after Salah


Obligation of Sujud-ul-Sahw

Description of Sujud-ul-Sahw

Missing one Rak`ah and only realizing after Taslim

Increase or Decrease in Salah

The latecomer following the Imam in offering Sujud-ul-Sahw

Increase or Decrease in Salah

Forgetting one of the pillars of Salah

Sujud as a pillar of Salah

An Imam forgetting the first Tashahhud

Performing Sujud-ul-Sahw before or after the Taslim

Pronouncing Takbir on standing to make up for a missing part

Sujud-ul-Sahw Supplications

Prostration of the latecomer

A Mu'mum saying Taslim before the Imam forgetfully

Mamums' Sahw in Salah

Sujud-ul-Sahw in a supererogatory Salah

Sujud-ul-Tilawah during Salah

Saying the Takbir for Sujud-ul-Tilawah

Satan's insinuations during Salah

Du`a' that repels insinuations during Salah

Supererogatory Salah

Tarawih Prayer

Ruling on Tarawih prayer

Performing Tarawih in congregation in a Masjid

Offering Tarawih Prayers at home

Reciting from the Mus-haf in Tarawih

Optional Night Salah

Al-Sunan Al-Rawatib

Reciting Qur'an in Salah

Changing a person's place to perform the Supererogatory Salah

Similarity of essential parts and obligations between Nafilah as Fardh

A Salah between each two Adhans

Supererogatory Prayers perfecting the Obligatory Prayer

Offering the Sunnah Salah at home

Abandoning Al-Sunan Al-Rawatib

Offering supererogatory Salah after the Adhan of Fajr

Tahiyyat-ul-Masjid and the Sunnah of Fajr Prayer

Offering the two supererogatory Rak`ahs (units of prayer) prior to Fajr Prayer after Iqamah


Ruling on Sujud-ul-Tilawah

Saying the Takbir for Sujud-ul-Tilawah

Taharah as a prerequisite for Sujud-ul-Tilawah

A menstruating woman offering Sujud-ul-Tilawah and Sujud-ul-Shukr

A woman offering Sujud-ul-Tilawah without a veil

Passing in front of someone offering Sujud-ul-Tilawah

Praying at the forbidden times (Tahiyyat-ul-Masjid)

Congregational Salah

Ruling on Congregational Salah

Forsaking congregational Salah without a legal excuse

The minimal number of participants in congregational Salah

The difference between praying congregationally and individually

Ruling on a Muslim abandoning congregational Salah to pray alone

Praying individually at home though neighboring the Masjid

Neglecting Salah in congregation without a valid excuse

Offering Salah at the workplace despite having a nearby Masjid

Necessity of giving up congregational Salah for anyone who persists in committing sinful acts

Obligation of congregational Salah on a Muslim who can hear the Adhan at a distance

Working during the time of Congregational Salah to obey managers

Whether a Person should quit the Congregational Salah if they see some abominable acts there

Building a Masjid near the house, but congregational Salah is rarely performed there

Leaving the congregation and offering Salah at home

Forsaking those who abandon Salah

Establishing a second congregation in the Masjid

Offering supererogatory Prayer after Iqamah for obligatory Prayer is announced

Counting the Rak`ah when joining the Imam during Ruku`

Waiting or joining prayer for someone entering the Masjid when the people are reciting Tashahhud

Women's Salah

Muslim Women Going to the Masjid

Women Offering Salah in the Presence of Men

The Tent made for Women to offer Salah next to the Masjid


The most worthy to lead the prayer

Offering Salah behind an Imam who does not recite the Qur'an well

Offering Salah behind a Mushrik

Salah behind a Tijany Sufi

Offering Salah behind an Imam believing in Hulul

Salah behind Imams of unknown creed

Whether Disagreement in the Branches of Fiqh Prevents Following each other in Salah

Praying behind a Fasiq

A banker leading prayer

Praying behind an Imam of a Masjid in which Jumu`ah prayer is not established

Being led by a bachelor in Salah

Imamate of a blind or disabled Imam

The Imamate of an illegitimate child

Imamate of a boy

A woman leading other women in congregational Salah

Imamate of a person suffering from enuresis

Changing one's intention from Zhuhr to `Asr prayer during prayer

Prolonging Salah

The prayer of a Ma'mum in front of the Imam

Wages for the Imamate

Should a person offering Salah individually leave his Salah to join the congregation

Offering Salah behind women in case of necessity
رد مع اقتباس
قديم 27-08-2010, 06:06PM
Omm AL-Homayra'a Omm AL-Homayra'a غير متواجد حالياً
مشرفة - وفقها الله -
Registration Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 627

Salah 03
Salah performed individually
Conveying what the Imam says
Straightening the rows
Interrupting Salah with or without a legal excuse
Salah of the excused
Salah of the sick
Salah of an elderly who lost all feelings

Salah of an elderly woman who cannot stand up

Salah of an elderly or sick person who cannot stand up

A sick person praying in the condition their health permits them

Salah of a disabled or unconscious person

Salah of a bed-ridden patient

Dropping standing in Salah for an excuse

Salah of a piles patient

Salah and Taharah of a bed-ridden patient

Salah of an anesthetized person

Making up for the missed Salah by an anesthetized person

Salah by someone who had a tooth plucked and cannot speak

Salah, Sawm and charity on behalf of an elderly man

Salah as much as health conditions permit

Salah of someone who cannot sit

Obligation of offering Salah for a sane patient

Impermissibility of delaying Salah due to a sickness

Obligation of a sick person performing Salah as their health permits them

Salah of a patient who cannot control the urination

Salah of a mute and deaf person

Salah of someone suffering from an eye disease
Salah while traveling
Ruling on performing Salah on a plane
Ruling on performing Salah on a plane fearing the due time is over

How to pray in the plane

Looking for the Qiblan when praying in a plane

Salah of a person riding an animal or the like

Validity of offering obligatory Salah on an animal whether moving or not

Praying in a plane while sitting

Shortening the Salah after covering a certain distance in a short time

Following the correct order of prayers as the basic rule

A traveler praying after a resident

Combing Maghrib and `Isha' at the time of Maghrib at some parts of Europe where `Isha' time is due at the middle of the night

Combining between prayers without a valid excuse

Combining Salah due to rain

The time when a person on a journey can combine between two prayers

Permissibility of combining Maghrib and `Isha' prayers if one is forbidden from going to the Masjid at the time of `Isha'

Combining prayers with one Adhan and two Iqamahs

Combining Salah when not traveling due to difficulties with work

Should someone who sleeps until the time for Prayer has expired perform the traveler Prayer

Shortening Salah in the place of marriage

Intention to shorten Salah

Shortening Salah by a traveler who returns to his country for two days
Istikharah and Prayer for Need
Jumu‘ah Prayer
Obligation of Jumu`ah Prayer and the minimum number of its attendees

Jumu`ah Prayer on the day of `Eid

Employees whose work necessitates their presence at the time of Jumu`ah Prayer

Attending Doctors may not offer Jumu`ah Prayer

A guard may be exempted from Friday Prayer

Offering Jumu‘ah Prayer at home

Delaying the Jumu‘ah Prayer

The First Adhan for Jumu‘ah Prayer

A traveler being an Imam for resident people in Jumu`ah Prayer

Traveling on Fridays

Offering Friday Prayer for a traveler

Offering Jumu`ah Prayer in the village

Women following Jumu`ah Prayer on the radio

Joining the Jumu`ah Prayer

Friday Khutbah

Invocation during the Friday Khutbah

The Imam's Greeting the congregation

Leading Jumu`ah Prayer by a person other than the one who delivers the Khutbah

Receiving a payment for delivering the Friday khutbah

Making up for the Jumu`ah Khutbah

Speaking while the Imam is delivering the Friday Khutbah

Translating the Friday Khutbah

Some Bid`ah of the Friday Khutbah

Multiple Jumu`ah Prayers in the same town

Offering the Jumu`ah Prayer on two floors due to narrowness of the Masjid

Preaches at Salah
Encouraging someone dying to say: “La ilaha illa Allah”
Rights due from a deceased’s estate
Expediting the debt payment for the deceased
Washing, shrouding and carrying the dead
Preparing the dead person for burial

Preparing and burying the dead in non-Muslim countries

The deceased’s gold tooth

Washing a frozen corpse

How to wash the dead

Washing the remains of one who has taken his own life

Shrouding the dead

A man's washing of the corpse of a woman

A son washing his deceased mother’s body

A woman washing her dead husband

A husband putting his dead wife in the grave

A menstruating woman washing the dead

Circumcision of the Dead

Permissibility of kissing the dead after washing his body

Washing the dead whose body is cut in an acident

Making Haste in Burying the Dead

Washing and shrouding someone who dies during Salah

Ruling on washing and burying the body of one unjustly murdered in a tribal feud

Ruling on martyrdom of anyone dying in a car accident

When the corpses of Muslims and non-Muslims are mixed together

How to Handle Unidentifiable Corpses inMakkah
Funeral Prayer
Ruling on Funeral Prayer

Du‘a’ during the Funeral Prayer

Raising one's hands in the Funeral Prayer

Taslim at the end of Funeral Prayer

Offering Funeral Prayers for an indebted person

Offering Funeral Prayers at the cemetery

Offering Funeral Prayers at the grave

Performing the Funeral Prayer for two dead people

Funeral Prayer for one who committed suicide

Burial time

Ruling on making up for what is missed in the Funeral Prayer

Burying the dead before offering Funeral Prayer

Calling People to the Funeral Prayer

Offering Funeral Prayer at forbidden times

Washing a stillborn baby

Ruling on Children who Die at an Early Age

Funeral Prayers offered for a child after his burial

Funeral Prayer regarding a miscarried fetus

Offering Funeral Prayer for an unmarried woman

Ruling on those who die having abandoned Salah

Offering Funeral prayer on a disbeliever or an illegitimate child

Funeral Prayer following the execution of a Had or Qisas

Women offering the Funeral Prayer

Funeral Prayer in absentia

Uncovering the Face of the Dead when Burying him

Reciting Al-Fatihah in the Funeral Prayer
Burying the dead
رد مع اقتباس
[ Omm AL-Homayra'a ] One Member says to you : Jazaka Allaho Khayran.
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fatwa, prayer, salah, salat

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