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Omm AL-Homayra'a 23-04-2012 10:01PM

Educational Materials
Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

I will be posting some edu materials I've found which are useful for teachers or homeschoolers. These materials target pupils of 7-12 yrs old
The Flood: The story of the Flood has been narrated in various scriptures. Presented here is the story of the first Messenger of Allah, Nuh (Noah), alaihi-salaam (upon him be peace) and the great calamity that befel those who opposed his message.
* Flash file: The Flood Lesson plan: Weekly Worksheet(s): worksheet1 :: answers sheet (Word format)

Omm AL-Homayra'a 23-04-2012 10:04PM

The story of Zam-zam:
Recounts the story of how Ibrahim (Abraham) alaihi-salaam (upon him be peace), left his wife and child in a barren valley upon the command of his Lord.
* Flash file:The story of Zam-zam

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