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قديم 20-08-2010, 01:40PM
Omm AL-Homayra'a Omm AL-Homayra'a غير متواجد حالياً
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افتراضي Refutation of Hizb At-Tahrir

Refutation of Hizb At-Tahrir
Sheikh Muqbil Rahimahullah

It's an evil party that developed in Jordan (after) breaking away from the ikhwaanil mufliseen. They refused to return after the ikhwaanil muslimeen corresponded with them requesting that they return. There leader was Taqiuddin An Nabhaani. Regarding creed they say don't take from anything except that which agrees with the intellect. If narrative evidences (the Quran and Sunnah) are found then (they say) it's necessary that it be proven with certainty (the authenticity of the narrative evidence). As a result, they deny the punishment of the grave, and the coming of the Dajjal. Furthermore, they have no concern for teaching virtuous manners nor beneficial knowledge (knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah). It's a party that nurtures their adherents upon nothing but politics, that which opposes the religion. Their leader was asked: "How come we see no Quran memorization schools in your communities? So he replied: "Indeed, I don't want to produce ascetic monks!"
Hence they are based on strictly politics, they're not based on Islamic knowledge, manners, nor narratives that soften the heart. Also from their islamic jurisprudence they make permissible men shaking hands with non related women. They also claim permissibility for a woman to be head of state and a member of the majlis ash shura. Likewise (they make these things permissible) for a disbeliever. Unfortunately, they also permit the disbeliever assuming a position of rule or government.
Hence it is a party upon severe misguidance and I'm amazed at those from them that bragged about their so called liberation party. I advise the brothers to distance themselves and warn against this party and if we didn't make the excuse for them that they have a legimate misunderstanding in their intrepretation (of the Quran and Sunnah) then we would've declared them disbelievers as a reult of them denying the punishment of the grave and the coming of the Dajjal. Also for their leader's statement that he doesn't like teaching his students the Quran because perhaps all he'll produce is ascetic monks.
مأخوذ From كتاب " المجروحون" للشيخ مBefore الوادعي-رحمه الله
ترجمة: نجيب بن يوسف الأنجلسي
Translated by Najeeb Al Angelesi

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